Decompression Tables

lock / decompression chamberDecompression tables are used to safely reduce the pressure (decompress) for persons that are exposed to over pressure. Typically, decompression tables are used for divers (recreational, professional and military divers) and tunnel construction workers who temporarily have to work under over pressure when certain construction methods are used. The decompression is performed either in water (amateur divers, sometimes also professional and military divers) or in chambers with a pressure lock system. With the help of decompression tables, the pressure is relieved in a way that the gas in the human body does not form gas bubbles which can lead to symptoms of decompression sickness.

Staff members of Votec developed a software that allowed them to create several decompression table sets. They are used by two diving assotiations and the governmental insurence company SUVA (for work using over pressure).

used specific know-how:

  • in-depth knowledge in diving
  • specific knowledge in diving medicine


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