uemis zurichDivecomputers simulate physiological processes in the divers body during the dive and use this data to calculate rules to surface safely and healthy (decompression). In addition, a divecomputer is able to monitor the diver and his behaviour and will display advice or warnings if needed. The recording of the dive is an interesting feature, helpful in training and can significantly contribute to the clarification of diving incidents. Newer units have many other features like databases to store dive sites, addresses, personal data and are able to communicate wireless with tank pressure transmitters or other divecomputers.

Since 1985, some staff members or partners of Votec develop such units. At the beginning, the units were relatively simple, but today divecomputers evolved to high-tech devices, comparable with smartphones, or electronic cameras. In addition to technical know-how, medical knowledge and skills in diving are required for the development of such instruments.

used specific know-how:

  • pressure measurement: piezoresistive, capacitive , 10...350 bars /150...5'000 psi
  • interfaces: USB, serial, IrDA
  • wireless data transmission: by means of long waves (works in water)
  • web: integrated webserver
  • display: AMOLED
  • operation: capacitive, contactless by means of hall sensors
  • prozessor/controller: ARM9
  • in-depth knowledge in diving
  • specific knowledge in diving medicine
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