Museum Guide

mediaexplorerWith the museum guide, museum visitors can get visual and auditory information in their native language. The system works for exhibitions, cinemas and theme parks. The museum guide basically consists of an MP3 player that has a RF, IR and transponder interface. All audio information are stored as compressed MP3 files in the device. Additional information such as pictures and information texts and synchronization information is also stored. A transmission of audio or visual information to the museum guide is not necessary.

The museum guide is wirelessly controlled by trigger stations (satellites). High-frequency, infrared and long wave satellites provide the necessary information to start the audio or the display information at the right time, or run in sync with a movie or a show. The trigger stations can be linked to the control system of the museum or work as independent units, which can be configured by a programmer.

used specific know-how:

  • interfaces: USB, serial, IrDA, high frequency, long wave
  • audio: audiocodecs, MP3 en- and decoding
  • display: graphic LCD
  • operation: buttons
  • specific knowledge about synchronizing procedures
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