Votec has a wide range of know-how and practical experience. It is in a position to advise clients competently as well as successfully manage projects. If needed, Votec has access to external specialists through its network of partners. With the following list of competences, Votec is able to cover the needs of most SMEs:

  • organizational tasks and services
    • technical consulting
    • project management
    • solutions, concepts, feasibility studies
    • production support services
    • patent investigations
  • technical services
    • mechanic and mechatronic systems
    • mechanic and electronic systems for underwater use
    • electronic systems (hard- and software), low-power technologies
    • miniaturization of electronic systems (chip-design/Asics, high density packaging)
    • wireless data communication
    • measuring and control technology
    • control and display concepts
    • simulation and process modelling
  • complementary services
    • industrial design
    • visual communication
    • web applications and technologies
    • internet presence
    • manuals

Our competence is a wide spectrum of know-how and experience

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